The University of Glasgow has a Student Absence Policy, where you will find information relating to PGR students in the appendix. 

If you need to undergo a prolonged period of absence (eg maternity leave, period of ill health, etc) the Graduate School provides a 'suspension of studies' option (see below). 

Details on absence are available in your  section 3.2.  

Suspension of studies

If you wish to suspend study, you must:

  • consult your Principal Supervisor
  • if approved, the Supervisor shall seek the permission via the Higher Degrees Committee.
  • Please send the completed and signed Suspension of Studies Form‌ to the Graduate School for the attention of the Clerk of the HDC Committee. 
  • Applications for suspension are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and are subject to satisfactory progress thus far.

For further details, see the PGR Code of Practice (PDF), section 7.21 - 7.33.

Extension of studies

An extension refers to an update to the deadline for your thesis submission. 

  • If you and your supervisor(s) perceive that the original deadline may not be achievable, you may apply for an extension. 
  • You should apply at least three months prior to the planned submission date. 
  • An extension may be granted subject to approval by the Graduate School Board and in compliance with any funder terms and conditions.
  • Applications for extension will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please see the Extension to Thesis Submission form (MS Word) for eligibility criteria and the PGR Code of Practice (PDF), section 8.14 - 8.20.