Careers talks

Pen and notepad on a yellow backgroundThere's more to life than research! The MVLS Graduate School hosts a series of alternative PGR careers events which feature throughout the year.

This career event programme brings in guest lecturers from a range of sectors, from academia to industry, focusing on career progression and alternative opportunities.

All PGR students from MVLS receive 1 credit for attending these events. 

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Getting ready for the workplace: CV writing skills and job applications

calendar iconCourse code: RSDB6058P

RDF domain: B1.4-1.6, B3.1-3.3

Speaker: Mr Nairn Scobie, School of Life Sciences

Target group: Postgraduate research students in final year

Credit: 1

Description: The course will allow students to see what information should be put forward in a curriculum vitae. We will examine the student’s achievements to date and consider how these can be inserted into a CV. We will look at examples of good and bad CV’s and consider how an employer would interpret these. We will consider current job opportunities associated with their area of research and how to go about applying for these posts. This will involve filling in application forms, tailoring the CV accordingly and discussing interview techniques.

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Glasgow Science Festival in action

Ideas iconRDF domain: D1.1, D1.2, D2.1, D2.2, D2.3, D3.2. D3.5

Speaker: Dr Deborah McNeill, School of Life Sciences

Credits: 3

Target group: All postgraduate taught students and postgraduate research students

Description: Join the Glasgow Science Festival team with an exciting opportunity to collaborate, create and deliver a highly engaging STEM event for families, in partnership with a local community centre.

PhD students from MVLS are invited to join our extended training scheme, taking place throughout March to June 2020. This will involve three days of development working, a final practice session, one day of delivery and additional small group working in your own time. Delivery will be in June, programmed as part of Glasgow Science Festival 2020.

Throughout the course you will develop useful skills such as:

  • effective group working
  • techniques to support the translation of scientific terminology to age and audience-appropriate language
  • exploration of the different forms of public engagement activities
  • event management and logistics
  • development and delivery of high quality STEM engagement content
  • project and budget planning
  • simple but effective ways to promote the event through social media channels

There are only 16 places available and all participants must be able to make a commitment to the entire course and delivery during the Glasgow Science Festival in June 2020. Please visit in early February 2020 for more information, session dates and how to apply.

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Intellectual property and economic impact opportunities for your research

Ideas iconCourse code: RSDC6035

RDF domain: C1, C2, C3

Speaker: Mr Adam Majumdar, Research & Innovation Services

Target group: All postgraduate research students

Credit: 1

Description: This course will provide an overview of:

  • intellectual property and how it applies to the life sciences
  • factors to consider in developing intellectual property rights in your research
  • role of intellectual property in creating economic impact from research
  • commercial exploitation of intellectual property via licensing and spin-out company formation

The course will be delivered by a team of presenters comprising patent agent, venture capital investor, IP lawyer and technology transfer manager.

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Teaching with technology

Presentation iconCourse code: RSDD6069

RDF domain: B3.2, D1.5, D3.1, D3.6

Speaker: Dr Anna McGregor, School of Life Sciences

Target group: Postgraduate research students and postdoctoral researchers, especially those considering a position that involves teaching in higher education.

Credit: 1

Description: This workshop will familiarise students with current applications of technology in teaching and serve to enhance the basic concepts covered in the GTA training for demonstrators. Teaching practice in today’s higher education environment now involves a range of technologies, so for postgraduate research students entering such institutions, familiarity with potential tools and resources could give them an advantage in obtaining a position or designing effective coursework. This course will introduce key concepts about current applications of technology in academic practice, including virtual learning environments, tools for blended learning or entirely online courses, electronic response systems and more subject-specific pedagogical software. Following an overview of these technologies, this course will provide some tips and tricks for implementing these resources in any future teaching opportunities.

Concepts to be covered include:

  • virtual learning environments
  • plagiarism checking software
  • assessments with technology
  • electronic response systems
  • online portfolios and lab notebooks
  • social media in the classroom
  • blended learning
  • online courses / MOOCs
  • flipped classroom approaches
  • supporting diverse learners

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain current concepts related to the use of technology in teaching
  • List several frequently used software applications
  • Apply a few technologies to improve your teaching practice

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