Guidelines on the Panel Interview

Guidelines on the Panel Interview

The main purpose of the annual review process is to assess the student’s progress in relation to their stage of study. The panel interview is an important part of this process.

More specifically the panel interview will:

  • Provide an opportunity for the research student and panel to discuss all aspects of work and achievements for the session in relation to,
    • Research progress
    • Laboratory skills
    • Written expression of ideas
    • Presentation and verbal skills
    • Development activities
    • Capacity for original ideas
    • Ability to organise own time and tasks
    • Understanding of relevant literature
    • Development of research plan/thesis structure
  • Provide an opportunity for the student and panel to discuss any issues about their research experience
  • Provide feedback to the research student on their research, personal development and performance

Panel Membership and Remit

  • The student will have a panel interview with two people.
  • The student’s advisor/2nd supervisor and another person must be present.
  • This can be an academic or a senior postdoc.

The aim of the interview is to discuss the student’s work in a panel situation and provide feedback on progress. The panel interview is tied into the annual progress report and talk. This interview provides a formal outlet for an important aspect of training and can be used as an alternative to the normal assessor/advisor meeting or indeed as a mock viva.