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The Academic Foundation Programme in Glasgow has been running since 2007 and admits 21 trainees per year.

It is administered through the Scotland Deanery Scottish Medical Training to ensure clinical competencies are met in keeping with Good Medical Practice.

It offers the same clinical training as other Foundation posts but also includes additional tuition intended to offer the academic foundation year (AFY) trainees experience of future careers in clinical academia.

What The Programme Offers

  • The Academic Programme is primarily based in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow with a contribution from Academic Primary Care in West Glasgow.
  • Post holders will rotate through these hospitals for the whole two-year programme. 
  • Trainees will be expected to attain exactly the same core clinical skills as all Foundation doctors, and these will be assessed through the same mechanism.
  • All academic foundation year doctors are offered a senior clinical academic mentor aligned with their interests and future career direction.
  • In addition, a series of tutorials and workshops will be provided to augment academic skills.

Who Should Apply?

The aim of the programme is to encourage those individuals with an interest in research and teaching to pursue their goals.


  • FY1 will comprise three blocks, each of four months’ duration, based either at the Royal Infirmary or the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow.
  • All blocks will be in medicine or surgery although the option of a rotation through anaesthetics may be available.
  • Mentorship starts early in FY1 and is a key part of the academic aspects of the academic foundation year (AFY).


  • FY2 will also comprise three blocks, each of four months’ duration, based at the Royal Infirmary, The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow, the Royal Hospital for Children, Gartnavel General Hospital, Leverndale Hospital, the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre or in General Practice.
  • Post holders will rotate around three disciplines in FY2 and will be expected to play a full part in the clinical and academic work of each unit.
  • During FY2 the same academic mentor will normally oversee the post holder’s progress and normally offer career direction and often an academic project is undertaken alongside core clinical competencies.


For more information about the Academic Foundation Programme, please contact the following: