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Inaugural lectures

6th February 2019 

Professor Stuart McDonald - Professor of Clinical and Forensic Anatomy

Title: Lessons in Forensic Anatomy

School of Life Sciences 

Chair: Professor Simon Guild 

6 March 2019 

Professor Niall MacFarlane - Professor in Physiology and Sports Science

Title: Assessment, learning and research through applied work experience

School of Life Sciences 

Chair: Professor Simon Guild 

23 May 2019

Professor Iain Johnstone - Professor of Life Sciences Biomolecular Sciences

Title: Research-led teaching in Life Sciences; my perspective

School of Life Sciences 

Chair: Professor Simon Guild 

30 May 2019 

Professor Shona Hilton - Professor of Public Health Policy

Title: When David meets Goliath: policy responses to unhealthy commodity industry

Institute of Health & Wellbeing 

Chair: Professor Jill Pell 

6th September 2019 

Professor Stephen Tait - Professor of Mitochondrial Cancer Biology

Title: Targeting mitochondria to kill cancer: promise, pitfalls and the pursuit of perfection

Institute of Cancer Sciences

Chair: Professor Owen Sansom

30 September 2019 

Professor Jim Lewsey - Professor of Medical Statistics

Title: Using routine data to complement and enhance the results of randomised controlled trials 

Institute of Health & Wellbeing

Chair: Professor Simon Guild 

24 October 2019 

Professor Joseph Gray - Professor of Bioscience Education

Title: The art and science of assessment

School of Life Sciences 

Chair: Professor Simon Guild 

16 November 2019

Professor Lisa DeBruine - Professor of Psychology

Title: Replication and Generalisation: Crowdsourcing Better Research

Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology

Chair: Professor Philppe Schyns