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A cross-college network for leadership, mentoring and peer-support in medical, life and social health sciences for mid-career academics. 

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What is AMIGO?

This collaborative network within University of Glasgow brings together self-identified mid-career academic staff (research and teaching roles) from across colleges, institutes, and schools to discuss career progression, and to provide support and networking opportunities to each other. We have a bottom-up design. We are run by academic staff, for academic staff, and are responsive to the needs of our members.

How can AMIGO help my career?

  • Facilitate leadership training – e.g. using connected leadership model as well as invite talks from internal/external ‘leaders’ so we can learn from them
  • Provide a peer-support network, a forum for ideas, and a community – e.g. WhatsApp group, book club, podcast discussions, coffee-mornings etc
  • Signpost to relevant career development and training materials, as well as develop internal training opportunities more widely
  • Facilitate networking opportunities
  • Facilitate formal mentoring opportunities
  • Provide a platform to voice concerns to senior management

How do I join?

The AMIGO book and podcast club

We currently are trialling a career development book and podcast club. Our current book is Give and Take, by Adam Grant.

An introduction to mentoring

This webinar introduces the Developmental Model of Mentoring. Exploring how to get the most out of mentoring relationships, including: Understanding the differences in the roles of the mentor and mentee, and Managing your expectations about this opportunity

Ten common questions about mentoring

Dr Amy Iversen answers questions such as: What is the evidence for mentoring? How often should a mentor and mentee meet? What should we talk about?