Performing Arts: High Slack Low Slack High

‘High-Slack-Low-Slack-High’ was programmed as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts, 2012 and curated by Minty Donald. The project evolved as part of Minty’s practice-based research, which investigates site-specific performance as a means of exploring our (human) relationships with the environment - in thiscase, with urban rivers. Five artists (John Cavanagh, Minty, Douglas Morland, Nichola Scrutton and Hanna Tuulikki) created site-specific sound works in response to the tide cycle of the River Clyde in central Glasgow. The workswere performed at high tide at locations on or near to the river for five days during the festival. Nichola Scrutton, who recently completed a doctorate in Music at the University of Glasgow, included current Music postgraduate students in her performance while the project also involved undergraduate Theatre and postgraduate History of Art students in management and documentation roles. The five performances, plus a concert performance of all five sound works, which took place in the opulent, circular Edwardian board hall of Clydeport Headquarters, were witnessed by around 400 people. Audience responses suggested that the works had heightened and altered perceptions of the River Clyde, insinuating the rhythms of the Clyde’s tidal cycle into the fabric ofcontemporary city life.

Project partners:

Clydeport, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.


Dr Minty Donald

To learn more about this project or to discuss developing a partnership with the College of Arts please contact Dr Fraser Rowan the College of Arts Business Development manager by email or phone (0141 330 3885).

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