Heritage: Mobilising Mapping

The Mapping Sculpture database contains over 50,000 records relating to sculptural practice between 1851 and 1951. This includes information on around: 3,500 sculptors; another 2,750 related practitioners; 10,000 trades connected to sculpture; 15,000 objects; 125 art schools; 120 art societies; 1,300 exhibitions; 700 other events such as sculpture courses, lectures and discussions; some 16,000 addresses for artists and businesses; and about 350,000 relationships connecting these different types of record together.

Providing a new dimension to the original Mapping Sculpture project, Mobilising Mapping saw the development of innovative personalisation features, social media integration, and a novel web interface optimised for mobile phone access.
The launch of the mobile interface took place at the Mapping Sculpture conference held at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London in 2011 and was promoted by means of in exhibitions and displays in the project’s partner institutions: ‘Mapping Sculpture: Meetings – Materials – Makers’ (V&A, November 2010-May 2011) and ‘Mapping the Practices of Sculpture’ (Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, October 2010-October 2011).

Website: http://m.sculpture.gla.ac.uk/

To learn more about this project or to discuss developing a partnership with the College of Arts please contact Dr Fraser Rowan the College of Arts Business Development manager by email or phone (0141 330 3885).

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