Heritage Case Study: Centre for Battlefield Archaeology – Policy and Consultancy

The Centre for Battlefield Archaeology has been working on the Inventory of Scottish Battlefields since 2006.  Working closely with Historic Scotland, the Centre created the site entries, the site boundaries and provided the information that was used to write the battlefields section of the Scottish Historic Environment Policy.  

The Centre has provided training sessions on battlefields with Historic Scotland for planners in local councils, for Historic Scotland casework staff and for heritage organisations.  The Centre provided consultancy on the development of management plans for battlefields, and has produced the guidance on minimum standards for mitigation work on battlefields within the Inventory.  The Centre is available for consultation on approaches to battlefields and has undertaken a series of community projects on battlefields across Scotland; the Centre is currently running the largest investigation of the Battle of Bannockburn ever to have taken place.

Partner: Historic Scotland

Academic:Dr Iain Banks, Dr Tony Pollard

College of Arts contact: arts-ke@glasgow.ac.uk