Cultural Education: Paradox of Medieval Scotland

Cultural Education: Paradox of Medieval Scotland

A group of academics in the College of Arts are paving the way to develop resources to support the teaching of Scottish History in the classroom.

A key part of this has been the creation of a vast database of 12th and 13th century Scotland: People of Medieval Scotland (POMS). The database has been designed for school children and their teachers, as well as academics, to use.
The database offers a new experience of engaging with the past, allowing thousands of individuals, and hundreds of places, to take centre stage.
Professor Broun adds: “From Dingwall to Dumfries, schools can investigate history that can be contextualized. Scottish History should look different in different parts of Scotland.”

Project Partners:
Education Scotland, Scottish Qualifications Authority, Scottish Association of Teachers of History

Prof Dauvit Broun

To learn more about this project or to discuss developing a partnership with the College of Arts please contact Dr Fraser Rowan the College of Arts Business Development manager by email or phone (0141 330 3885).

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