Cultural Education: Bridging the gap between faith-based organisations and the international development community

Julie Clague, a lecturer in the College of Arts, researches the response of faith-based organisations to health and development in order to help increase the dialogue between these and secular organisations. As part of the Joint Learning Initiative (JLI), Clague has worked with the UN to examine the link between faith, maternal health, and HIV/AIDS development work. In 2011 she was a consultant for the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance on the subject of the response to HIV at their meeting in Geneva and advised the Head of UNAIDS on his speech to the Vatican AIDS Conference. Since 2000, she has been a member of the HIV/AIDS Advisory Group of CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development), encouraging discussion and international collaboration. Through her research, Clague has educated staff and influenced HIV policy. In this way, Clague helps to empower Catholic responses to HIV.

Project Partner:
United Nations, UNAIDS, CAFOD

Julie Clague

To learn more about this project or to discuss developing a partnership with the College of Arts please contact Dr Fraser Rowan the College of Arts Business Development manager by email or phone (0141 330 3885).

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