Cultural Education: Establishment and adoption of professional competency standards for NHS chaplains in the UK

Heather Walton, an academic in the College of Arts, has contributed to the first competency framework for healthcare chaplains in the UK. Chaplains of all faiths are employed to offer care and compassion to patients, staff and others within the (secular) NHS. The framework (‘Spiritual and Religious Care Capabilities and Competneces for Healthcare Chaplains’) was taken up by NHS Scotland, England and Wales between 2008-2010, changing the ways of working of the 3-4,000 full- and part-time chaplains as well as having an impact on their patients and other members of staff in NHS hospitals. Walton’s influence is particularly evident in the framework’s focus on four key domains including reflective practice, which is her specialism.

Project partner:

Dr Heather Walton

To learn more about this project or to discuss developing a partnership with the College of Arts please contact Dr Fraser Rowan the College of Arts Business Development manager by email or phone (0141 330 3885).

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