Industry Day 2015 Chair: Sally McNair

Sally McNair has presented and reported on a range of programmes across the BBC for more years than she is entirely willing to admit to, in particular the flagship news programme Reporting Scotland, and Channel 4's original breakfast programme. the Channel Four Daily. She was the first woman full-time sports reporter and presenter in the United Kingdom with STV’s Scotsport in 1984.

She has presented features, series, programmes and documentaries in sports, the arts, education, health, consumer issues and current affairs, including a documentary on William Hunter and Glasgow University's Hunterian collection. More recently, she has worked on features on University of Glasgow alumni who were killed in WWI with Dr Tony Pollard (History/Battlefield Archaeology) and Prof Paddy O'Donnell (School of Psychology). As such she knows the value of the institution's experts, knowledge and archive services.

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