Industry Day 2015 Speaker: Dr Francis McKee

‌Dr Francis McKee is Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, and a research fellow at The Glasgow School of Art. His research interests include the exploration of open source theory as a potential economic model within the arts, the role of the archive in contemporary art, and modes of curatorial practice. The success of the open source model Francis introduced at CCA has seen it being studied by other organisations seeking an alternative economic model in a climate of recession.

Francis is the author of many books, articles and exhibition catalogue essays on art, artists and other topics. In 2011-12 he was lead researcher in an AHRC funded project entitled ‘The Glasgow Miracle: Materials for Alternative Histories’, a project which centred on the process of archiving forty years material from the Third Eye Centre and the CCA. This research traced a timeline through a vital period in Glasgow’s cultural development, relating the archival material to the wider development of the arts and the arts infrastructure in the city.

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