Industry Day 2015 Speaker: Dr Alan Leslie


Alan co-founded Northlight Heritage in 2011 and, as its managing director, is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company and for growing new areas of the business, in line with the overarching charitable aims of the York Archaeological Trust.  As well as providing consultancy advice to clients in commercial contexts, including serving as an expert witness at public inquiries, he also has extensive experience of archaeological assessment (including cultural heritage environmental impact assessments) and the management of the archaeological components of major infrastructure projects. 

Alan also continues to develop and deliver research projects, in the context of his areas of specialisation (landscape and Roman archaeology) and is an educator in archaeology and heritage in a series of contexts.  He was a lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Glasgow from 1992 – 2011 and the Director of GUARD from 1994-2005, remains an Honorary Research Fellow in Archaeology and currently also serves as the Subject Specialist in Archaeology at the Centre for Open Studies.  He is also a member of the Scottish Strategic Archaeology Committee, which advises Historic Scotland on the implementation and funding priorities of the Archaeology Strategy, which forms part of Scotland’s Historic Environment Strategy “Our Place In Time”.

Alan works regularly with colleagues in the School of Humanities at Glasgow developing new approaches and initiatives which seek to draw tangible public benefit from an understanding of the past.  Evidence for this includes the Royal Society of Edinburgh funded workshop programme: “Transforming practice: the philosophies, methods and impacts of our engagements with landscape” (awarded in March 2010), an inter-disciplinary programme designed to establish dialogues, knowledge transfer and collaborative research relating to the understanding and management of landscapes, to transform the practice of those disciplines for which landscape is a concern, and to inform policy and decision making; and, in October 2012, the same group’s invitation to serve as Cultural Heritage experts by the Council of Europe in presenting a paper to the 16th International CEMAT Symposium & 12th Meeting of the European Landscape Convention in Thessaloniki.  More recently the same group co-established, and represent the steering group of, the European Network for Archaeology & Integrated Landscape Research.  The group regularly organise and deliver presentations and conference sessions across Europe, including the annual meetings of the European Association of Archaeologists.  Alan is on the organising committee for EAA 2015, to be hosted in Glasgow.  

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