Study or work abroad: guidelines

Study abroad

Look into what’s available

Opportunities to study abroad include:

Check your eligibility and your academic requirements

Find out if you’re eligible to study abroad.

Check your course requirements with your Study Abroad Subject Coordinator. You’ll need to make sure you meet all your course’s academic requirements while abroad.


Read the University’s Go Abroad team’s guide on how to apply to study abroad.

Work abroad

Work opportunities include:

College of Arts subject coordinators for study abroad and exchange

School of Critical Studies

Subject areaSubject coordinatorEmail address
English Language Jennifer Smith
English Literature Megan Coyer
Scottish Literature Theo Van Heijnsbergen
Theology & Religious Studies Charlotte Methuen

School of Culture & Creative Arts

Subject areaSubject coordinatorEmail address
Film & TV Studies Ian Goode
History of Art (Erasmus+ and European) Christa Roodt
History of Art (International) Minna Katriina Torma
Music Eva Moreda Rodriguez
Theatre Studies Anselm Heinrich

School of Humanities

Subject areaSubject coordinatorEmail address
Archaeology Monica Palmero Fernandez
Celtic and Gaelic Michel Byrne
Classics Lisa Irene Hau
Information Studies Ann Gow
History Andrew Roach
Philosophy Chris Kelp

School of Modern Languages & Cultures

Subject areaSubject coordinatorEmail address
Comparative Literature Elwira Grossman
French Manon Mathias
German Sheila Dickson
Hispanic Studies (Portuguese) Luis Gomes
Hispanic Studies (Spanish) Nathanial Gardner
Italian Eanna O'Ceallachain eanna.o'
Slavonic Languages Jan Culik