Why Internationalisation?

Why Internationalisation?

There are many reasons why Internationalisation is a positive action for the University of Glasgow and more specifically the College of Arts, these include, but are not limited to:- 

  • increasing student choice and student recruitment: 
  • increasing opportunities to achieve critical mass allowing the University to offer new programs in specialist areas: 
  • establishing an international curriculum and campus at Glasgow, developing the University as a culturally diverse learning community enriching the University's own academic culture and global reach; 
  • providing additional income for Colleges, Schools and Research Institutes; 
  • increasing opportunities for students to study abroad, with academic, cultural, and language-learning benefits; 
  • developing opportunities for staff to engage with talented students and staff from peer universities, as well as world-wide organisations and multinational employers; 
  • increasing the University's reach and standing in learning and teaching internationally; 
  • offering effective and innovative programs through the pooling of expertise and resources; 
  • increasing opportunities for students and staff to capitalise on research collaborations through the development of student projects and opportunities to visit partner institutions or through access to new funding opportunities or specialised equipment; 
  • developing opportunities to contribute towards the economic, social and cultural development of the city of Glasgow and region; 
  • developing opportunities for the University to contribute to the growth of the international reach and competitiveness of Scottish businesses 

The University of Glasgow has developed an Internationalisation Strategy (access the Internationalisation Strategy as a PDF) which has been approved by the Senior Management Group, the Internationalisation Steering Group and the University Senate.

To find out how the College of Arts international activity fits into the University wide Internationalisation structure visit the Structure page.

Should you wish to contact the College Internationalisation team please click here.