Human Resources

Human Resources

Who are our Human Resources team?

The HR professional team is located within the College office at 6 University Gardens.  Recruitment activities are delivered centrally by Corporate HR.  The team is as follows:

For all recruitment matters the Corporate HR Recruitment contact supporting the College is:

In what circumstances should I seek advice from the College HR team?

The College HR team is there to provide advice when you need clarification on published HR policy in any area which affects you or staff for whom you have line management responsibility.  In Schools, this commonly includes absence management and fixed term contract consultation.  The HR team can also advise on holiday entitlement, flexitime guidelines etc.  All HR queries should be addressed to Lisa Gallagher in the first instance.

Generic HR guidance may be found at

To whom should sickness absence be reported?

Your line manager unless otherwise advised.

Who should be reporting monthly absences/sickness?  Where should sickness certificates be sent?

Your line manager unless otherwise advised.