College Senior Management

Professor Roibeard Ó Maolalaigh  Vice-Principal and Head of College
Miss Liz Broe Director of College Professional Services
Professor Nick Fells Dean of Graduate Studies
Dr Rhona Brown Depute Dean of Graduate Studies
Dr Wendy Anderson Dean of Learning and Teaching
Professor Catherine Steel Dean of Research
Dr Anselm Heinrich Dean of Internationalisation
Professor Alice Jenkins Head of School of Critical Studies
Professor Dimitris Elefthriotis Head of School of Culture and Creative Arts
Professor Lynn Abrams Head of School of Humanities
Professor Vicente Perez De Leon Head of School of Modern Languages and Cultures
Mr Adrian Griffin Head of Finance
Gillian Shaw Head of College Human Resources
 Support to College Senior Management  
Miss Laura McGarry PA to Vice-Principal and Head of College 
Mrs Sue Macallan PA to Director of College Professional Services 
Miss Jordan McInally Administrative Assistant

Finance / Human Resources


Name Role 
Mr Adrian Griffin Head of Finance
Mr Hugh Woods Financial Analyst

 Human Resources

 Name  Role
Ms Gillian Shaw Human Resources Manager

Mrs Fiona Gehrmann

Human Resources Officer
Miss Lisa Gallagher Human Resources Assistant
Mr Robert Quinn Human Resources Administration Modern Apprentice

KE and Impact/ Student Recruitment and Marketing/Digital Content

Business Development


 Dr Fraser Rowan Knowledge Exchange & Impact Manager 

 Student Recruitment and Marketing

 Name  Role 
 Mrs Heather Murphy Recruitment and Conversion Marketing Officer

Digital Content

 Name  Role 
 Ms Kelly Arnstein   Digital Content Officer 

Academic and Student Administration

 Name  Role 
 Dr Costas Panayotakis   Chief Adviser of Studies
 Mrs Linda Knox  Assistant Chief Adviser of Studies
 Mr Matthew Hastings  Head of Academic and Student Administration
 Ms Lesley Watson  Graduate School Administrator
 Mrs Jane Neil  Undergraduate and Advising Support Administrator
 Mrs Sarah Finlayson  Advising Administrator
 Ms Carol Smith  Advising Administrator
 Dr Ailsa Boyd  Academic Plan Administrator
 Miss Claire Smith

 College Administrator (Postgraduate) 

 Ms Brooke Gordon

 College Administrator (Postgraduate)

Research Office / ArtsLab

Research Office

 Name Role 
 Miss Ashley Theunissen  Head of College Research Support
 Ms Meg MacDonald  Research Project Coordinator
 Mrs Elaine Wilson  Research Administrator
 Mrs Vicky Hamilton  Research Administrator
 Dr Sabina Strachan  Research Development Manager


 Name Role
 Professor Dauvit Broun  Director of ArtsLab

IT Team

 Name  Role
 Mr Mike Black  Information Services Manager
 Mrs Louise Pollock  Head of Arts Support
 Mr Raymond Brasas  IT Technician
 Mr Chris McGlashan  IT Technician
 Mr John Maguire  E-Learning and Innovation Officer

A to Z of Remits

A to Z of Remits

College of Arts Management, Professional & Administrative Contacts 
Admissions (undergraduate)  Jane Neil
Advertising (staff recruitment _ see HR)  
Advertising (scholarships, programmes)  Heather Murphy
Advising (undergraduate - administration)  Arts Advising Team
Affiliate appointments (see also Honorary appointments)  Arts-CollegeAdmin
Appeals  Sue Macallan
ArtsLab Administration
Bequests  Director of College Professional Services
Budgets (see Finance)  
Business Plan/Strategy Development  Fraser Rowan
Certificates of Admission to Study (CAS) - undergraduate students and extensions to visas  Jane Neil
College Council  Arts-CollegeAdmin
College Management Group  Laura McGarry
College Meeting Room  Arts-CollegeAdmin
Commercial Contracts  Fraser Rowan
Committees (see individual entries)  
Computing labs (see IT)  
Diary - Head of College  Laura McGarry
Diary - College Secretary  Sue Macallan
E-Learning and Innovation  John Maguire
Endowments  Director of College Professional Services
Equipment bid  Louise Pollock
Estates  Director of College Professional Services
Ethics Administration  Ashley Theunissen
Finance  TBC
Graduate Attributes  Rachel Smith
Graduate School Board  Graduate School
Graduations  TBC
Health, Safety & Wellbeing  Director of College Professional Services
Honorary appointments (see also Affiliate appointments)  Arts-CollegeAdmin
Higher Degrees Board of Studies  Claire Smith
Human Resources (initial enquiries)  Lisa Gallagher
Inductions (undergraduate students)  Jane Neil
Internationalisation  Sue Macallan
IT (projects)  Mike Black
IT (support)  Louise Pollock
Joint PhD  Graduate School
Knowledge Exchange and Impact  Fraser Rowan
Learning & Teaching Committee  Jane Neil
Library Committee  Sue Macallan
Marketing & Conversion  Heather Murphy
Memoranda of Understanding  Director of College Professional Services
MyCampus  Matthew Hastings
Open evenings  Heather Murphy
Performance & Development Review (P&DR - see HR)  
PIP (see Programme approval process)  
Programme approval process (postgraduate)  Claire Smith
Programme approval process (undergraduate)  Jane Neil
Plan-building and Administration  Ailsa Boyd
Postgraduate research Annual Progress Reviews  Claire Smith
Postgraduate research distance learning contracts  Graduate School
Postgraduate research extensions and suspensions of study  Claire Smith
Postgraduate research project support funding (CRTI/RSA/RTSG)  Graduate School
Postgraduate research training workshops  Claire Smith
Postgraduate research thesis submission and examination  Claire Smith
Postgraduate scholarship competitions/deadlines/payments  Graduate School
Postgraduate study space (allocation of desks)  Graduate School
Postgraduate study space (I.T. support)  Louise Pollock
Prizes  Jane Neil
Progress Committee (undergraduate)  Jane Neil
Project Approval Forms (PAFs _ see Research grant management)  
Promotions (see HR)  
Private/Public Liason  Fraser Rowan
Publicity  Heather Murphy
Quality assurance  Jane Neil
Reach Editor (College KE Newsletter)  Fraser Rowan
Recognition & Reward (see HR)  
Recruitment (students)  Heather Murphy
Recruitment (staff _ see Human Resources)  
Research grant management  Ashley Theunissen
Research leave  Ashley Theunissen
Scholarship advertising  Heather Murphy
Second First Degree Bursaries  Laura McGarry
Sickness absence reporting (College administration)  Sue Macallan
Strategic research allocation  Ashley Theunissen
Student data (student numbers, completion rates etc.)  Graduate School
Student mobility  Jane Neil
Student representation (committees)  TBC
U.K. Borders Agency matters (staff - see HR)  
Undergraduate Board of Studies (see Committees)  Jane Neil
Vivas (postgraduate research)  Claire Smith
Website (College)  Kelly Arnstein/Fraser Rowan
Website (Graduate School)  Claire Smith