January 2021 Programme Starts

Welcome from the College of Arts! 

We are delighted that you have been offered a place to study with us in January 2021. Below you will find links to some key information to prepare for the start of your chosen postgraduate programme. 


Registration for January 2021 programmes opens on 1 December 2020. You will receive an email from the University with your university email address, your GUID (unique ID number) and a link to register. Please note you must have accepted your unconditional offer in order to register as a student.

We would encourage you to start the registration process as early as possible and would recommend you aim to complete registration prior to the 18th December as the University will be closed from Monday 21 December to Tuesday 5 January

See further information on registering as a student


Enrolment is the process for choosing your courses and classes to build your timetable for the year. You must complete academic registration before you can begin enrolment.  Most students need to enrol via MyCampus, using its guidance on compulsory, recommended and optional courses.

You must complete enrolment to be able to start studying online regardless of whether you are in Glasgow or not.  

See further information on enrolment 

If you have questions about optional courses, please speak to your programme convenor at the upcoming programme induction.  

Key dates

The final dates by which financial and academic registration must be completed are listed below for each programme. 

  • MSc Applied Linguistics: complete registration and enrolment by 25th January 2021 
  • MSc Media Management: complete registration and enrolment by 21st January 2021 
  • MSc Creative Industries & Cultural Policy: complete registration and enrolment by 21st January 2021 

Programme induction

Please visit the College of Arts web pages for induction information for: 

• MSc Applied Linguistics 

• MSc Media Management 

• and MSc Creative Industries & Cultural Policy 

See your programme induction information

IT Information for new students

Access your My Glasgow desktop from anywhere, including your full Office 365 package. 

My Glasgow Anywhere information