Transfer Policy

Transfer Policy

Transfer Policy for entry into the College of Arts

Any student wishing to transfer to a degree in the College of Arts is advised as a first step to consult the Arts Advising Office in 6 University Gardens or to send an email to

Please note:  :  For student transfers post application and post entry to the University of Glasgow, see the University Transfer Policy at

The following points will be taken into consideration in deciding whether a student is eligible for transfer:

1) A student’s initial entry qualifications into the University of Glasgow and whether they would have met the College of Arts requirements for entry to a degree programme.

2) A student’s performance in the degree programme from which they wish to transfer.

3) If a student has taken courses from the College of Arts as part of their current degree programme, consideration will be given especially to their performance on these courses.

Students who have been accepted into Single Honours in a subject within the College of Arts and who are currently in another College should also contact for a transfer form. They will be transferred provided that:

1) They have completed 40 credits at level 1 and 40 credits at level 2 in the subject to be studied at Honours level.

2) They have fulfilled the College of Arts Honours entry requirements more generally by completing 240 credits, of which 80 are at level 2 over two subjects, and of which 200 are at D3 or above. A student’s overall GPA must be at least 9.