Progress Committee

Progress Committee

Regulations governing student progress can be found in the University Calendar on the University website at

The College of Arts Progress Committee may consist of a combination of the following members:

Dean of Learning and Teaching;
School Learning and Teaching Conveners;
The Chief Adviser of Studies;
The Assistant Chief Adviser of Studies;
Senior Advisers of Studies

Its remit is to deal with matters concerning the progression to the next level of study of students throughout their undergraduate degree.

A quorum for any meeting of the Progress Committee will be any three of these. The Committee will meet on occasions between late June and mid-September of each year and will be clerked by the College of Arts Head of Academic & Student Administration or her nominee.  Alternatively, a student may be asked to meet with a sub-committee of the progress committee.

The process involving the Progress Committee is as follows:

•    students who have not met the progress requirements to continue to the next stage of their studies will be identified;

•    such students will be contacted by the Chief Adviser's Office via email or telephone, and will be asked to attend a meeting. An email will be sent to each affected student with the outcome of the interview within one week of the meeting of the Progress Committee. Failure to attend may lead to a student being administratively withdrawn from the university.

Any student can be accompanied to any meeting arising from the business of the Progress Committee by a representative.

Appeals against the decisions of the Progress Committee should be directed to Matthew Hastings, the Head of Academic & Student Administration (

Any queries related to Progress matters should be directed to Jane Neil (ext. 6149, in the first instance.