Groundings is an undergraduate journal in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Each year it is published on a given theme, both in print (ISSN 1754-7474) and online (ISSN 1755-2702). The theme is designed to be as broad as possible, so as to allow submissions from a broad range of disciplines. Groundings provides a rare opportunity for students to be peer-reviewed and published as an undergraduate, or to participate in the process of editing, managing, and producing an academic journal.

We aim to:

  • Promote debate
  • Showcase academic talent
  • Enhance the student experience and employability

We are supported academically by an Advisory Board (whose members comment on the articles selected for publication and vote on the overall prizewinner), and financially by the Chancellor's Fund and GUSRC.

As well as being available online, the journal is held by the Glasgow University Library and Archives; the British Library; the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales; the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford; Cambridge University Library; and the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.


Groundings was founded in 2007 by Glasgow University Dialectic Society, a cross-campus debating and social society. The Dialectic is one of the oldest societies on campus, and was formally reinstituted in 1861 - although the earliest known records date to 1770, and there are claims it has existed in some form since 1451. Groundings seeks to further the Society’s aim of promoting debate.

In 2012 Groundings Ancients was established as a collaborative journal in the arts, humanities and social sciences between the four Ancient Universities of Scotland: Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and St Andrews. The new journal will run in parallel to Groundings, publishing the top three articles from each university on a given theme.