Graduate Attributes

Graduate Attributes

What are your Graduate Attributes?

Have you ever wondered how your time at University has changed you as a person? “Graduate Attributes” is a term for the academic abilities, personal qualities and transferable skills that you will have developed during your time at Glasgow. While studying for a degree, you build up a broad set of experiences and skills, which have an intrinsic value not only within your academic discipline, but also beyond, in the workplace and society. Take a look at the University's webpages on Graduate Attributes for a breakdown of generic graduate attributes. Have you developed some or all of these in your time at University so far? Which of them would you like to develop further?

You might like to reflect on how your particular subject, as opposed to other degrees, has helped you develop specific attributes: working in various capacities within teams?; problem solving?; an ability to sift and evaluate evidence?; mastery of practical or technical skills?; presentation of complex information?; persuasiveness?; initiative-taking?; resilience and determination to overcome challenges? You can probably think of specific examples from tasks, projects, placements, or assessments you have undertaken through your studies. Look through Target’s list of skills and competencies that graduate recruiters typically look for, and think how you could demonstrate that you possess these. 

There is lots of help available as you think about your personal development. The College’s ENHANCE seminars, offered in conjunction with the Careers Service, are designed to help you focus on skills development, with specific reference to employability. The Student Learning Service provides advice on academic skills. The Careers Service offers invaluable help and support as you think about life after university: you can get one-to-one advice, search for internships, meet University of Glasgow alumni through The Network, become an entrepreneur, and so on. Prospects is always worth a look as well – you can start here with What can I do with my degree?

For more information or to discuss ideas, please contact Dr Rachel Smith, Graduate Attributes Champion for Arts.