Appeals Committee

Appeals Committee

Regulations governing student appeals can be found in the University Calendar on the University website at

The College of Arts Appeals Committee shall be constituted as follows:

  1. The Committee shall be convened by the Head of College or his/her nominee.
  2. Up to fourteen members will be drawn from the membership of the College, with the representation from each of the Schools within the College.  The membership will be individuals with experience of assessment, teaching and supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate (including research) levels.  One member shall be appointed as the Vice-Convener.
  3. Members of other College Appeals Committees of the University may also be co-opted onto the College of Arts Appeals Committee to hear specific appeals with the proviso that they must not have had any involvement with the academic decision being appealed against. 

Preliminary Disposal

The Head of College or his/her nominee in consultation with two members of the College Appeals Committee may make a preliminary disposal in order to accelerate a decision.

Arrangements for a Full Hearing before the College Appeals Committee 

When a hearing is required, the Committee shall meet within 20 working days of receipt of the letter of appeal.  Where this is not possible the appellant should be informed as soon as possible within the 20 day period and be given the reason(s) for the delay.

The code of procedure for an appeal to the College Appeals Committee may be found at

An appeal against a decision of the College Appeals Committee may be reinstated if the student (or his or her representative) makes representation stating that the College overlooked an aspect of the original appeal. 

An appeal may be made to the Senate Appeals Committee against a decision of a College Appeals Committee only on the grounds that:

  1. new evidence has emerged which could not reasonably have been produced to the College Appeals Committee and/or
  2. there has been defective procedure by the College in its disposal of the appeal and/or
  3. the disposal at College level was manifestly unreasonable

 Any queries related to the College Appeals process should be directed to Matthew Hastings, the Head of Academic & Student Administration ( in the first instance.


The Committee reports annually to Senate.