Advisers of Study and Undergraduate Advising

Advisers of Study and Undergraduate Advising

Welcome to the College of Arts! Dating back to the foundation of the University in 1451, the College of Arts builds on more than 550 years of experience of producing graduates excellently equipped with a range of creative and critical competencies. The variety of choice on offer is reflected in the diverse career paths graduates embark upon, from actors to archaeologists, musicians to managers, and playwrights to presenters, to name just a few.

The Arts degree programmes offer you unique opportunities with flexibility to follow your own interests and select your degree programme from among the many and varied options within the College of Arts and also from a range of courses offered by other Colleges. There are also exciting opportunities to study abroad, either as part of a degree in Modern Languages or through established exchange programmes.  So whether your interests lie in Archaeology, Theatre Studies or Scottish Literature, or whether you'd like to begin a new language along with your Philosophy or study some Classical Civilisation with your Film and TV Studies, there will be something to whet the appetite.

How does advising work in the College of Arts? Advising is carried out by the Arts Advising Team, a small and efficient group of people, comprising a dedicated team of Advising Administrators and experienced academic staff acting as Senior Advisers associated with each of the Schools in the College of Arts. These staff (listed on the right-hand side of this page) work closely with me as Chief Adviser, with my colleague Linda Knox, the Assistant Chief Adviser, and with Jane Neil, the Undergraduate and Advising Support Administrator in the College. The Arts Advising Office (for contact details, please see below) will be the first port of call for all of you who need any kind of advice, and the Arts Advising Office will update student records in MyCampus. You may find it useful to consult also the information regarding the College policies on repeating a year, readmission, and College transfer, as well as general information that has already been given out to you at your group-advising session at the start of the academic year.

So, if you have a query at pre-Honours level about any aspect that relates to your studies (for example, you may wish to discuss a general academic issue you have regarding course choices or a specific administrative problem regarding MyCampus or a pastoral issue), all you will need to do is contact the Arts Advising Team, either by email or in person (simply drop by the office; you do not need to have an appointment to come and see us), and explain the situation. They will then deal with your query or, when appropriate, forward your message to a Senior Adviser in your School or make an appointment for you with a Senior Adviser or with the Assistant Chief Adviser and the Chief Adviser. If, on the other hand, you have a specific academic issue with a particular course (for example, submission of coursework or information about set texts and reading lists), the right person to contact would be the convener or the administrator of the course in question. 

Honours-related academic queries (for example, selection of Honours courses or induction meetings at Honours level or information about set texts and reading lists for Honours courses or specific regulations that pertain to your Honours subject-area or submission of coursework) and any pastoral issues should be addressed in the first instance to the relevant Honours convener or Honours administrator in the relevant subject area. They will deal with your query, as currently, and only refer your case to the Arts Advising Team in situations relating to academic plan change, progression from Junior to Senior Honours, requests for a repeat year or for re-admission into the College of Arts, requests for change of status (full time/part time), and similar issues which need to be dealt with at College level rather than at subject-area level. 

So it is important that you think about the nature of the issue you are dealing with, and get in touch with the right person.

We look forward to seeing you in the College of Arts.

Costas Panayotakis and the Arts Advising Team

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