International Symposium of the Association of Teachers of Portuguese Languages 2021

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The bi-annual meeting of the Association of Teachers and Researchers of Portuguese Languages (TROPO UK) will bring together academics, policy makers, and creative artists to address diversity of the Portuguese language.

TROPO UK's conference discussions will focus and reflect on the variety or variants of Portuguese language - whether as a foreign, second or heritage language -  against the backdrop of decolonising the curriculum of teaching.

The international symposium, hosted by the University of Glasgow's School of Modern Languages & Cultures, will take place between 1pm-6pm (GMT) on 26 June 2021, on Zoom.

The plenary session, which will set the background for the roundtable that follows, is by Inês Machungo, University Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique, coordinator of the Dictionary of Mozambican Portuguese / Dicionário do Português de Moçambique (DiPoMo).

The roundtable will open with Margarita Correia (President of the IILP Scientific Council; University of Lisbon, Portugal), Ana Paula Laborinho (Director of the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture; University of Lisbon, Portugal), and Vinicius Terra (rapper, teacher of Portuguese Language and Literature, and cultural mediator/facilitator, Brazil). This is followed by Fernando Venâncio (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), Francisco Calvo del Olmo (University Federal of Paraná, Brazil), and Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer (University of Hamburg, Germany).


The event, hosted by the University of Glasgow (UofG), Is being coordinated by Luís Gomes (UofG), Joanna Malecka (UofG), Gabriela Ribeiro (University of Dundee), Sandra Ferreira (UofG/Camões, I.P.), Ana Reimão (University of Liverpool/TROPO-UK) and Pedro Marques (Queen Mary, University of London, London/Camões, I.P.).

The Symposium is free for TROPO UK members and £20 for non-members (includes membership of TROPO UK).

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PLEASE NOTE: ALL PRESENTATIONS WILL BE IN PORTUGUESE, but attendees are free to pose questions in English.

First published: 18 June 2021