Nearly 11,800 students take part in UofG Historic Royal fashion course

Issued: Thu, 17 May 2018 17:00:00 BST

Nearly 11,800 people have signed up to the new free online course on 500 years of Royal fashion.

The 11,786 students for the course called A History of Royal Fashion, are from all over the world. The largest groups are from the United States (35%) and United Kingdom (31%) followed by Canada and Australia.

Dozens of citizens from across Europe are also taking part including learners from the Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain.

Designed and delivered by the University of Glasgow and independent charity Historic Royal Palaces, it reveals the style secrets of Royalty from Tudors and Stuarts to the Victorians and Windsors.

Dr Sally Tuckett, UofG’s Lecturer in Dress and Textile Histories who is leading the course, said: “I am absolutely delighted how well received this course has been. We have learners representing almost every continent and the student feedback has been absolutely amazing.”

The course began on Monday 7 May and will run for five weeks until Sunday 8 June. However there is still time to sign up to the course, which you can do via the find out more section. 

Course Details

Week 1 – Step into the square shoes of the Tudors and see how their lavish clothes were designed to project power, wealth and control.

Week 2 – The Stuarts are centre stage to showcase how they dressed for leisure and influenced new trends through performance in an increasing time of conflict.

Week 3 – Explore the glamorous Georgians, their century of economic and social change, extreme fashions and an era marked by very public and very private monarchs.

Week 4 – Move into the reign of Queen Victoria, her own changing wardrobe and how technological advancements took fashion forwards.

Week 5 – Welcome to the 20th century where the Windsors balance royal fashion with diplomacy and expectations in an era of mass media and celebrity.