Routed//In Green Channels

Routed//In Green Channels

College of Arts | The Dear Green Bothy | Being Human Festival
Date: Thursday 18 November 2021 - Sunday 21 November 2021
Time: 10:00
Venue: Main Building, University of Glasgow. Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Category: Concerts and music, Exhibitions, COP26 Physical

Sound Thought presents ‘Routed//In Green Channels’, a generative audiovisual installation at the University of Glasgow from sound artist Beth Horseman

Data travels from plant to machine, affecting an ambient soundscape which surrounds the listener and evolves with its source. Frequencies grow and die, their vibrations felt through each leaf. You are invited to stay as long as you would like in this green space and follow any channels of interest presented. 

What effect do our actions have on the space around us? Investigating the echoes of our presence on both macro and micro scales, sounds of ritual combine with field recordings to present a symbiotic relationship between nature and technology, whilst drawing parallels between the two.

Presented as part of The Dear Green Bothy, a collaborative cultural programme from the University of Glasgow’s College of Arts showcasing creative and critical responses to climate emergency. 

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