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Glasgow University Windsurf Surf Kitesurf Club

General Information

Committee Members

President Honza Semotam
Vice-President Doug Rowe
Secretary Dini Shah
Treasurer Gabi Corbett
Windsurfing Captain Iain Murch
Surfing Captain Mason Holden
Social (craic) Convenor and Sponsors Yenti Buchanan
Social (craic) Convenor and Sponsors Charlie Bilsland
(Not so) Ordinary Member/ foot soldier FionntŠn Munky Mc Cabe
(Not so) Ordinary Member/ foot soldier Andrew Fowler
(Not so) Ordinary Member/ foot soldier Tom Hutchings
Website Convenor Alistair Skippy Green


Pub Quiz!

A massive thanks to every one who came along to the quiz and helped show their support! We hope everyone had a great time, and perhaps learned a thing or two! Well done to everyone who donated prizes to the raffle, and Tom Wills for donating his old board for auction!


Remember we're still at the Drawing Rooms every Thursday to help releive the stress of work! Here's the directions:

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GUWSK Membership is £30 for the full year and gives you access to regular club trips, club equipment (surfboards and windsurf rigs), and discounts on drink at The Drawing Room.



!!!! TIREE !!!!

Saturday 28th March - Saturday 4th April


The details:

We are meeting at the main gate on Friday the 27th March @ 6pm! Bring everything that you need! Maybe a few drinks for those not driving, but no repeats of newquay 07/08! We have the minibuses for a whole week! Anyways....

  • Itinerary:
    1. Meet Main Gate, Friday 6pm
    2. Crumble under peer pressure to drink
    3. Depart Glasgow at 2am Saturday morning heading for Oban
    4. Take ferry from Oban @ 7am Saturday, arriving in Tiree @ 10.45 am.
    5. In the water for 10.46 am
    6. Have an amazing week
    7. Return ferry is @ 11.45 am Saturday 4th April
    8. Arrive in Glasgow @ 6pm earliest (this is pretty unlikely though)
    9. Start revision

For everyone who still owes money (you know who you are!) final payments are due Wednesday 25th March. Come to the pub or hit up VC Amanda via email or on her cellular telephone and arrange the pay-off. Oh, and you're officially allowed to be excited about it....



Glasgow University Surf Riders Hoodies

The colour of the logo and sponsors is in fact orange and not yellow as shown in the picture. The hoodies cost £32 each but are well worth the money. Staunch produce really high quality tops that are ultra warm, not to mention the fact that you will be representing the coolest club in uni. Perfect for those chilly Glasgow days, or when you've jut rolled out of bed after a night at Viper and have that urge to go to a lecture

If you would like to get your hands on one then drop Jo Radford an email ( ). We have boths guys and girls hoodies in the following sizes:

Girls Medium and Large (the guy at Staunch assures me that a Girls medium is in fact fairly small and by the same logic the large is really a medium)

Guys Medium and Large (different size's and shape from the Girls top)

Click the picture to check out Staunch Clothing


Windsurf and Kitesurfing

At present we are trying to work out a deal with Clyde Windsurf in order for us to use their equipment and facilities. This hasn't been fully sorted as yet but hopefully will be soon. We will be in contact with more information when it is. We are hoping to run weekly trips and have some lessons sorted out. Kitesurf is still at an early stage at Glasgow Uni and at present we have no kitesurf to offer but I hope this may change later in the Term. If any of you are kitesurfers out there, get in touch with Tom or any of the committee and we can get things underway.



Wetsuits can be rented from board shops from the westend. The club recommends that you rent from the same company who is providing the lessons on the freshers trip Clan Skates. They will rent club memebers a the full wetsuit gear (it's a good look!) for around £10 per day.

For those looking to purchase wetsuits we're currently in contact with the Oneill Wetsuit rep for Scotland, trying to come to an agreement on discounted new Oneill Wetsuits. If you are considering buying a wetsuit maybe hold fire until we hear back from Oneill. Will hopefully be within the next week or so.

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