Developer's area

Developer's area

Develop an app with the following in mind:

University policy

Before you start developing an app, faimiliarise yourself with the University policy. Download the Glasgow Mobile - a strategy and scope (pdf) document.


To provide services useful in mobile environments:

  • Make sure your app provides a valued experience to the end user, and
  • It doesn't replicate existing content accessible by mobile devices


Ensure user centric design which provides a solution to a problem:

  • Clearly define your audience (note: it must be, or a subset of, University of Glasgow students/staff)
  • Establish user requirements
  • Find out how users access services, and
  • Why they would use an app over other delivery methods


Keep in mind identification with the University of Glasgow:

  • Adhere to the University Visual Identity and brand
  • Submit alternative design proposals to Corporate Communications
  • Check other University mobile services and aim to provide a seamless experience for users

Accessibility & usability

Ensure optimisation for a variety of platforms and mobile data use:

  • Design a user & finger friendly UI
  • Optimise for portrait & landscape orientation
  • Use familiar features, like "home" and "back" buttons
  • Simplify navigation & use clear labelling
  • Test load time


Ensure compliance with UoG policies:

  • Check user authentication adheres to University polices, and
  • Your app complies with Data Protection legislation


Focus on functionality & keep it short and simple:

  • Remember about clear calls to action, and
  • Only focus on a single item or function at a time

Further information

Add an app to our store or get in touch to get advice & guidance.