This Year's Award Goes To...

We are delighted to share that the World Changing Alumni Award 2022 goes to Dr Nadia Maarouf! 

Nadia blew us away with her research into the unique intersection between astronautical science and cardiovascular research. Read her full interview in the autumn edition of avenue.

A huge congratulations to our 3 finalists: Abdul Bostani, John Zimba, and Yasar Yousafzai. You can read more abour their contributions below. We look forward to opening the 2023 nominations soon!

Highly Commended Nominations 2022

Dr Sarah Omar Alhumoud(PhD 2011) is highly commended for her work to further the education of women and girls in Saudi Arabia. 

Romulo Gabriel Kintanar (MEd 2019) is highly commended for his work to deliver free mental health and psychosocial support services to people in the Philippines.

Amy Mackinnon (MA 2012, IntM 2015) is highly commended for her journalism work to raise awareness and understanding of key issues that impact eastern Europe and beyond. 

Alan Mahon (MA 2012) is highly commended for his success in founding Brewgooder and funding international clean water projects. 

Naomi Menon (MEd Inclusive Education 2015) is highly commended for her work to spread the philosophy and practice of inclusive education in India. 

Anjula Sandhu (LLM 2021) is highly commended for her global work to raise awareness of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and founder of ‘PCOS Buddy’ to help women and gender diverse globally with PCOS.