Laibach's sub-groups


  The sub-group Germania has existed since 1982 to produce the softer and more spiritual music of Laibach, vocals are generally female. Germania has produced two of Laibach's best songs Steel Trust and Across The Universe sung by Anja Rupel. However Germania has not been used much especially compared to 300,000VK.

  Germania studies the emotional side, which is outlined in relations to the general ways of emotional, erotic and family life, lauding the foundations of the state functioning of emotions on the old classicist form of new social ideologies. (Trbovlje 1982)

Anja Rupel

300,000VK information to follow

Anja Rupel

Anja Rupel the voice of Germania for a number of projects, Sympathy for the Devil's track Who Killed the Kennedys and possibly Kapital's bonus track Steel Trust. A popular singer in Slovenia when she replaced Milan for the vocals of the single Across The Universe from Let It Be. At the time she was fronting a techno-pop band called Video Sex. The leader of the group was Iztok Turk who was involved with the recording and mixing of Let It Be and was technical adviser for Nato. The group also contributed to the compilation Trans Slovenia Express with their version of Spacelab. In the early 90's Video Sex disbanded and she now mainly sings as a solo singer with a strong following in Slovenia.

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