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Art and Art History

Practical Art

Painting landscapes

This relaxed and enjoyable day event is for all amateur painters, no matter their preferred medium, who would like gain confidence in their painting technique. We will concentrate on the importance of shape, colour and texture in landscape painting as well as developing more expressive brushwork and mark making. Materials are not provided.

Julie Smith
6741 £30
10.00-16.00 Wednesday 10 August 2016
(1 meeting)
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The US Presidential Election 2016: Then there were two

This one day event shall consider the recent primary races of the Democratic and Republican candidates for the 2016 US Presidential Election. It shall then cover events of the recent party conventions and then look forward to the election in November. We shall consider the potential fortunes and futures for America.

Murray Leith
22828 £30.00
10.00-16.00 Saturday 30 July 2016
(1 meeting)
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Scottish, Irish and local

The sack 'em up men: Graverobbers and surgeons in Glasgow

Before the Anatomy Act of 1832, the medical schools of Glasgow and elsewhere relied on stolen corpses for teaching and research. This class explores the victims, the robbers and the surgeons involved in this grisly trade, and looks at how ordinary people tried to protect the recently deceased. We'll also look at how communities tried to secure burial grounds, with effects that are still visible today.

Ronnie Scott BA Mphil PhD FSA Scot
6503 £30
10.00-16.00 Saturday 30 July 2016
(1 meeting)
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Literature, Film and Music


Reading and Writing Music (intensive)

This course introduces the fundamentals of reading and writing music. Rhythm and pitch notation, scale formation as well as elementary sight-reading and composition will be included, allowing you to sing or learn to play a musical instrument with confidence. Computer-aided learning and practical work will be important features of the course.

Moira Ann Harris BMus PhD LTCL PGCE
14160 £115
13:00-16:30 Monday-Friday from 1 August 2016
(5 meetings)
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