Current issue

Current issue

Volume 57, number 3; edited by Tim Bergfelder


JOCELYN SZCZEPANIAK-GILLECE: Revisiting The Apparatus: The Theatre Chair and Cinematic Spectatorship

PAUL CUFF: Silent cinema: material histories and the digital present

ILKA BRASCH and RUTH MAYER: Modernity management: 1920s cinema, mass culture and the film serial

TIMOTHY SCHEIE: Chez nous on the range: language, genre and the vernacular French Western (1956–61)

dossier: Rising Flags, Falling Soldiers: Film, Icons and Political Violence

JEREMY HICKS, ELIZABETH SAXTON and GUY WESTWELL: Rising flags, falling soldiers: film, icons and political violence

GUY WESTWELL: ‘Flag-Raising on Iwo Jima’ (1945) and the Hollywood war film

ELIZABETH SAXTON: ‘The Falling Soldier’ and film

JEREMY HICKS: Appropriating the presence of history: raising the Victory Banner over the Reichstag

 research note

 HENRY MILLER: Film Studies before film studies: Derek Jarman at the Slade

book reviews

JOHN IZOD: Katherine Spring, Saying it with Songs: Popular Music and the Coming of Sound to Hollywood Cinema; Michael Slowik, After the Silents: Hollywood Film Music in the Early Sound Era, 1926–1934

TIAGO DE LUCA: David Martin-Jones, Deleuze and World Cinemas; David Deamer, Deleuze, Japanese Cinema and the Atom Bomb: The Spectre of Impossibility

NICK JONES: Kristen Whissel, Spectacular Digital Effects: CGI and Contemporary Cinema

JESKO JOCKENHÖVEL: Miriam Ross, 3D Cinema: Optical Illusions and Tactile Experiences