If you have accepted a conditional offer of study from the University of Glasgow:

If you have accepted a conditional offer of study from the University of Glasgow:

Apply for accommodation now!

Once you know your exam results or have met any other conditions of your offer:

  • if you meet the conditions of the offer, and have not received an offer of accommodation within seven days of having achieved unconditional firm (UF) status, please contact us.

telephone: (+44) 0141 330 4743

fax: (+44) 0141 330 4080 or

email: accom@gla.ac.uk

Remember – Don't delay - you can apply now provided you have accepted your conditional offer of study.

By the 1st week of September you will know the result of your application. (If you have not heard anything within four weeks of receiving your examination results, get in touch, by phone 0141 330 4743, fax 0141 330 4080 or email: accom@gla.ac.uk

If you ARE offered University accommodation

You will be sent an offer of occupancy by the Allocations Section within Residential Services. This should happen within two weeks of you confirming that you have met the conditions of your offer. To confirm your booking a non-refundable prepayment of £450 must be paid at the time you accept your offer of occupancy.  N.B. All offers have a deadline date and if you do not accept the offer by the deadline date, this may result in your offer being withdrawn.

All residence contracts are legally binding.

Should a Student fail to remain in occupancy for the period of the contract (whether voluntarily or through a termination of the Student’s occupancy by the University due to the Student’s breach of discipline or otherwise) liability for payment of the Fees for the remainder of the Period of the Contract will remain unless prior to the expiry of the Period of the Contract the Room is occupied by another student, who is a Glasgow University registered student and not currently living in a Residence, in which event the Student’s liability for Fees will cease on the date on which such other student takes occupation of the Room. For the avoidance of any doubt, any prepayment by the Student will be retained by the University and will not be refunded to the Student.

In general, requests for room transfers will not be considered until after week four of semester one.

If you are NOT offered University accommodation

You should apply for help in seeking private accommodation.

If you are a category B student, as defined in our Admissions Policy, and live within easy commuting distance of the University, you may wish to be placed on the waiting list for University accommodation. Places do become available from late September onwards.

If you have any concerns or problems with seeking accommodation, you should contact us.