Procurements less than £25K

Procurements less than £25K

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Guidance for Procurements less than £25000

A new guide is now available, to assist individuals procuring non-framework goods and services with a total value less than £25,000. Individuals must ensure no local or collaborative contracts held on GeM exist prior to initiating a procurement process.

The guide explains an effective process for procurements less than £25,000 and the steps which should be taken to achieve a competitive, innovative and ethical business award. Users will find templates to:

  • Build a brief and specification
  • Invite suppliers to quote
  • Log all supplier responses
  • Evaluate responses

There are also templates for supplier communications during the quote process and instructions on retaining auditable information.  Please note all supplier quote documentation must be retained for 6 years in line with the University Documentation Retention Policy.

If users have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Procurement Office. 

For full details see quick links to Guidance for Procurements less than £25K.  For further assistance please contact or