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Celebrating Open Access Week 2011

The Enlighten team is joining colleagues and institutions across the globe to celebrate the 5th annual Open Access Week.

Open Access Week runs from 24th to 30th October 2011, and aims to promote Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research. Open Access to research means making it openly and freely available so that it can be accessed by anyone who wants to read it.

Open Access Week and Enlighten

Enlighten is the University Open Access repository - as well as being a comprehensive database of information about your publications, is also the place where you should deposit the full text of those publications. By making your publications freely available in Enlighten you are raising your profile worldwide. The top 5 countries which have accessed Enlighten in 2011 are the UK, the USA, Germany, China and India. The most popular item in 2010/11 was accessed from Enlighten 4,800 times during the year.

The University's Publications Policy gives details of what staff are expected to deposit in Enlighten. To ensure we are respecting publisher requirements Enlighten staff will check their copyright policy for all publications before making the full text publicly available. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the Enlighten team if you need any advice or further information about what you need to do - you can contact us at deposit@lib.gla.ac.uk

Enter our competition

To celebrate Open Access Week Enlighten is running a competition to boost the number of full text records held in the service. Part of the ethos behind Enlighten is to promote the University's publications through Open Access, ensuring that anyone, anywhere in the world can access the University's research free of charge. Having the full text of papers available in Enlighten leads to greater visibility, potentially resulting in increased access, more downloads and higher citation counts.

Schools, research institutes or individual staff members can send their full text to the Enlighten team for new or existing publications already in Enlighten. Full text can be submitted in Word or PDF format and must be the author final version (i.e. the final refereed version submitted to the publisher, without any publisher formatting or logos). Final results will be calculated at a school/institute level and a special prize will be awarded to the school/institute who submits the most full text to Enlighten during Open Access Week (24th to 30th October). We will also be giving a prize to the invidual researcher who deposits the highest number of publications during the week.

Either deposit your publications in the normal way or e-mail your full text to deposit@lib.gla.ac.uk. The winners will be announced during the week beginning 31st October 2011.

Enlighten Annual Report

The Enlighten Team will shortly be releasing our first Annual Report covering the academic session 2010/2011. The report will include key statistics for records and publications deposited and details of the most popular items as well as information about developments and enhancements to the service. The report will be made available on Enlighten shortly.

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