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How to deposit your publications


The University’s Publications Policy requires staff to deposit copies of peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings into Enlighten. This policy came into effect on 22nd September 2008. It applies to material published from this date onwards. You are not required to deposit the full text of earlier publications unless you wish to. If you have previously deposited publications into Enlighten/the Glasgow ePrints Service you do not need to deposit these again, as these are already held within the Enlighten service.

Staff may also deposit other published material such as book chapters and monographs if permission can be obtained from publishers. Repository staff can contact publishers on your behalf.

How to deposit

There are two options:

1. Self-deposit into Enlighten. This can be carried out by individual authors or by a member of administrative staff depositing on behalf of several authors. Self-deposit requires you to:

  • Register for Enlighten by clicking on 'Create account' on the left hand menu under 'MyEnlighten'.
  • Log with your username and password by clicking on 'Login' on the left hand menu under 'MyEnlighten'.
  • Provide basic bibliographic details about your publication and upload the full text.

For further information on this see How to Self Deposit.

2. Send an electronic copy of the full text of your publication to deposit@lib.gla.ac.uk along with brief bibliographic details. Repository staff will carry out deposit on your behalf.

Important notes

You should deposit or send your own final version of your publications, and not the publisher PDF version, as most publishers do not permit their version to be made available in repositories. This means the closest version you have to the publisher version. It can include changes made following refereeing and editing, but cannot include publisher logos, copyright statements etc.. The format of files should be either Word or PDF.

Repository staff will check all publications to ensure that publishers permit deposit in repositories, and that copyright agreements are adhered to. If the publisher of your article does not permit deposit in repositories the full text will not be made publicly available.

Common questions - further information about deposit.

Please contact deposit@lib.gla.ac.uk for further information.