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Logo: DAEDALUS ProjectDAEDALUS has established a number of different services for research material  at the University of Glasgow.

This approach has enabled us to explore an institutional repository model which uses different software [ePrints, DSpace and PKP Harvester] for different content, including:

  • Published and peer reviewed papers
  • Pre-prints, grey literature and theses

The project has also developed an open access e-Journal [JeLit] and a subject based repository for erpanet: ERPAePRINTS.

The Glasgow ePrints Service was launched on 9 June 2004. Download the Glasgow ePrints Service leaflet:

Enhance your research impact with the University of Glasgow ePrints Service Icon: PDF

The image displayed here is Daedalus from Ovid's Metamorphoses, illustrated by Virgil Solis, Frankfurt: 1569 [S.M. 875] 
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