Media Streaming

Media Streaming

Streaming your own event

The Multimedia Communications Unit can provide advice and assistance if you wish to stream a live event from a campus location.
Video conferencing venues may support the delivery of live stream.

Attention!It is important that you discuss your requirements with the MCU as early as possible, preferrably before you book a venue, to determine the suitability of any particular venue and allow sufficient time for technical set-up and testing.
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For larger events the following venues may be appropriate:

  • Hetherington room 118
  • Western Infirmary lecture theatre (WILT)
  • Kelvin lecture theatre 257 (Physics & Astronomy)
  • Boyd Orr lecture theatre 412
  • John McIntyre Lecture theatre 201
  • Joseph Black main lecture theatre (Chemistry)
  • Medical School Seminar 1 Lecture Theatre (Wolfson Building)

Live streams

Live streaming is provided for the University Graduation ceremonies and the Chaplaincy service streams a live feed from the University Chapel.

Further information

Please mail or call X3828