Research Data Management at the University of Glasgow

Research Data Management at the University of Glasgow

The Research Data Management Service provides training, guidance and support on all aspects of good research data management and also maintains the institutional research data registry and repository, Enlighten: Research Data.

The Research Data Management Team can be contacted via:


University of Glasgow Research Data Management Policy

 The University has developed a research data management policy. This policy was approved by the Research Strategy and Planning Committee on the 19th November 2015. This policy replaces the previous Draft Research Data Management Policy.

Good Management of Reseach Data Policy


Guidance and Training

The University has created a suite of research data management guidance pages,  which collate support provided across University services. Data management training courses are also provided as part of the Employee and Organisational Development Service provision.


RDM Community Initiatives

UK Research Data Discovery Service

The University of Glasgow are participating in the second phase of the development of the JISC-led UK Data Discovery Service. This project will develop a data discovery service that helps break down data silos, encouraging linking and reuse of related data collections, particularly in interdisciplinary research.

CERIF 4 Datasets

As part of the CERIF 4 Datasets (C4D) project the University is exploring an extension of the CERIF standard. We have trialled methods of recording information about datasets to make them more visible, retrievable and usable.  The data registry can be viewed at


Linking Research Outputs to Awards

Research datasets and publications are linked to the relevant funding to assist with compliance with funders terms and conditions.

For advice on other output types including publications visit the Open Access pages.