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Code of Behaviour - Residential Accommodation

  • When you accept a place in University allocated accommodation, you are obliged to comply with the terms and conditions of your Offer of Occupancy as well as specific rules and regulations applicable to that accommodation.
  • It is particularly important that you ensure your behaviour is compatible with the good order of the accommodation and that you do not act in a way which will disturb, inconvenience, or compromise the safety or general wellbeing of other occupants, staff or members of the local community.

    In particular, but not exclusively, you should be fully aware that:

    (i) Misuse or damage of fire safety equipment (including alerting devices, extinguishers, etc) is treated as a potential criminal offence.
    (ii) Misuse or possession of illicit drugs or other controlled substances is prohibited.
    (iii) Extreme noise or disturbance to others, or threatening, intimidating, bullying or harassing behaviour is not tolerated under any circumstances as is damage or misuse of property.

  • You are also responsible for ensuring the appropriate behaviour of your visitors or guests.
  • If the Director of Residential Accommodation or nominated representative(s) considers that any occupant is in breach of this Code of Behaviour, then that person may be required to relocate to other University accommodation within a specified period which shall be not less than fourteen days provided always that this provision is without prejudice to the requirement to relocate residence immediately in the circumstances set out in the Code of Behaviour. Such a decision will be taken by the Director of Residential Accommodation or nominated representative(s) in consultation with relevant staff including Governors of Halls of Occupancy, Advisors to students in residence and pastoral staff such as Wardens and Senior Residents.
  • If, in the reasonable opinion of the Director of Accommodation or his nominated representative, the occupant's continued occupation of a Hall of Occupancy or other University allocated accommodation constitutes a serious risk:

    (i) to the health and safety of other occupants or any other person; or
    (ii) of damage to or destruction of property

    then that occupant may be required to relocate accommodation immediately.

  • In the event that a person persistently breaches the Code of Behaviour, despite previous warnings from the Director of Residential Accommodation, or where a person has been relocated as indicated above, or where the breach is deemed to be very serious, then the Director of Residential Accommodation or a nominated representative may require that person to terminate occupancy in University allocated accommodation within a specified period which shall be not less than fourteen days and an alternative may not be offered.
  • In the event of an occupant being required to either relocate to another University Allocated Accommodation or terminate their occupancy entirely, then that occupant is entitled to seek a review of the decision by the Residences Assessor. This should be done in writing and within seven days of the decision which is sought to be reviewed with full details of the grounds for the request being given. The decision of the Assessor or his nominated representative(s) will be final and binding on the resident. The Assessor or nominated representative(s) will issue a decision within seven working days and may consult with the relevant personnel associated with Residential Services as necessary. The Assessor may also wish to report proceedings to the Senate should the Assessor deem that further action is required.
  • An occupant who is the subject of any procedures under this Code of Behaviour may be accompanied at all the processes outlined above by another occupant of their choosing.
  • Student occupants are reminded that they are free to consult the SRC for advice or assistance on any accommodation related matter.


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