Global and Regional Governance

Global and Regional Governance

This research cluster brings together staff and PhD students who analyse the myriad forms of cross-border governance.

Our central ambition is to foster individual and collective research excellence through encouraging exchange and collaboration across a broad empirical canvas while focusing on a core pair of motivating questions:

  • How do international norms, rules and organisations develop?
  • How do international norms, rules and organisations affect other structures and actors?

Our research, therefore, engages directly with questions of power, legitimacy and authority.  It thus goes beyond asserting that there is global governance and assuming that it is a Good Thing, to studying empirically whether, when and how international norms, rules and organisations matter and questioning whether (or for whom) they are Good Things. 

Although rooted in Glasgow’s traditional strengths in Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory, the cluster is open to all scholars who address its core questions. It is explicitly pluralist regarding analytical approaches; the substantive focus of governance; and those actors and structures that shape and/or are influenced by international norms and rules. 

The cluster currently has particularly developed expertise with respect to the following research strands:

  • Economic governance
  • Human rights
  • Security
  • Global order
  • Regional cooperation


For more information, please contact Alasdair Young.