Research themes

  • Medicine and the Enlightenment in Scotland
  • Women and medicine
  • The social history of medicine in Scotland and Britain more generally, including hospitals and the development of the medical profession
  • The history of diagnostics and of 20th century biomedical science

Research Projects

  • History of the medical profession and medical education in Scotland
  • The influence of Listerism in Britain and abroad
  • History of medical entrepreneurs and hydropathic establishments in Scotland
  • History of diagnostic ultrasound
  • History of the Office of the Registrar General in Scotland
  • History of the Royal College of Nursing


The Centre for the History of Medicine is part of the College of Social Sciences and the School of Social and Political Sciences. It is based in the historic Lilybank House.

The Centre has a reference library, computing facilities, and other equipment providing excellent support for research. We also run a series of research seminars and workshops, and an annual research forum, all of which bring in speakers from throughout the world.

Our researchers also have access to rich archival materials held locally by the Greater Glasgow Health Board, Glasgow University Archives, Glasgow City Archives and the Special Collections of the Glasgow University Library. Archives elsewhere in Scotland are also easily accessible.