Ms Joy Davidson

  • CREATe Centre Manager (School of Law)
  • AFFILIATE HATII (Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute)

telephone: 01413302086


HATII Research Project Staff Partnerships

International Partnership Development Funding (IPDF) 2014

Partnership between Digital Curation Centre (DCC), Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute (HATII) and Library and Information Studies Centre (LISC), University of Cape Town

Digital Curation Centre (DCC)

PI: Joy Davidson
The Jisc-funded Digital Curation Centre (DCC) provides a world-leading centre of expertise in digital curation with a focus on building capacity, capability and skills for research data management.

Collaboration to Clarify the Cost of Curation (4C)

Funder: EC
PI: Joy Davidson
An FP7 project to help organisations invest more effectively in digital curation and preservation.

Facilitate Open Science Training for European Research (FOSTER) 

Funder: EC
PI: Joy Davidson
An FP7 project to focus on integrating open access principles and practice in the current research workflow by targeting the young researcher training environment.

Data Management Skills Support Initiative - Assessment, Benchmarking and Classification (DaMSSI-ABC) 

Funder: Jisc
PI: Joy Davidson
A support project for the JISC 01/12 data management training projects.

Data Management Skills Support Initiative (DaMSSI)

Funder: Jisc
PI: Joy Davidson
A support project for the JISC 04/10 data management training projects.


Funder: Jisc
PIs: Joy Davidson, Sarah Jones
A data management project producing guidance and training materials.

Piloting the LIFE costs tool in UK HEIs

Funder: Jisc
PIs: Joy Davidson
A project to roll-out and test the LIFE preservation costs methodology and tool.

Integrated Data Management Planning (IDMP) Toolkit and Support project 

Funder: Jisc
PIs: Joy Davidson, Sarah Jones
A benchmarking tool to assess research data management.

Closing the Digital Curation Gap (CDCG)

Funder: Jisc and IMLS
PI: Joy Davidson
An international collaboration on curriculum development and data skills.


I am an external expert co-supervisor for a PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town - title: Critical reflections on the design and implementation of Digital Curation curricula in Higher Education (Richard Higgs, Library and Information Studies Centre (LISC), University of Cape Town)

Additional information


Research Data Canada (RDC) Education and Training working group (2013-present)  This working group aims to develop and recommend a strategy for implementing best practices to address education and training gaps, including identifying barriers and solutions.

CASRAI UK – data management planning working group (2013-present)  Three working groups have thus been convened in the UK with representatives from Funders, Research Institutions, Publishers, IT Suppliers, IT Solution Developers, International Standard Bodies, Research Managers, and Researchers to develop data standards.

Research Information and Digital Literacies (RIDLs) Coalition (2009-present)  The RIDLs working group which has been coordinated by the Research Information Network (RIN) RIDLs is a coalition of partners working together to promote the value of information and research data literacy for academic researchers; and to enable activities which help to advance this knowledge and skills.

Knowledge Exchange Primary Research Data Working Group (2010-2013)  Member of the KE Primary Research Data working group. The Knowledge Exchange initiative aims to promote and coordinate efforts in order to make substantially more research data available and re-usable in the public domain.

Editorial Review board member

The Library and Information Association of South Africa Journal (2013-present)


Curation Reference Manual (2010-present)

Peer review experience

  • European Commission Expert Reviews (2006-present)
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Big Data Reviewer (2013)
  • iPRES Conference (2010-present)
  • Joint Information Systems Committee (Jisc) Reviews (2010-present) 
  • Digital Libraries 2014


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