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HATII has a vibrant research culture that investigates a range of topics in the fields of information studies, digital culture and the humanites. Rapid technological change, massive volumes of digital information of increasing complexity, that is both global and mobile pose significant challenges to us individually and collectively. Fundamental concepts such as identity, memory, authenticity, trust, transparency, accountability, representation, engagement, preservation and access are just some of the issues that the transition to the digital age brings into focus. These concerns demand a fresh theoretical approach, a deeper understanding of the nature of information and innovative solutions that connect theory with practice, people with information and technology with humanity. 

By adopting an integrated approach, and with a breadth of expertise in different disciplines, HATII is uniquely placed to explore the theoretical and intellectual foundations of information and its impact on society.

Within HATII there is frequent interaction between academic staff, researchers and postgraduate students, a regular programme of visiting fellows and guest lecturers and weekly research seminars.