Jonathan Trigg

Jonathan Trigg

Jonathan Trigg
MA in Archaeology
University of Liverpool
BA (Hons) in Archaeology


Research Abstract

The Materiality of Great War Remembrance: tracing changes in commemorative practice, with particular reference to Essex and Cardiganshire

The purpose of my research is to track the development of commemorative practices in Britain regarding the First World War. The intention is to demonstrate, using the material culture of war memorialisation (including temporary memorials, wooden battlefield markers, death plaques and war memorials themselves), how and why commemoration - and particularly attitudes towards remembrance - changed over time. In doing so, it will cover acts of remembrance during the conflict itself, and immediately afterwards. By contrasting memorialisation of the period with those of the aftermath, valuable insights will be gained into the changes in attitude through time of those who were affected. Furthermore, it will provide a backdrop to a case study of the war memorials of Essex and Cardiganshire.
The study begins with an overview of the commemoration of warfare.

The second part looks at the manner in which those who served, were wounded or died were commemorated during the Great War itself. Particular emphasis will be given to the temporary memorials which were erected along with street shrines and other ephemeral monuments.
The third part looks at the ways in which commemoration took place in a less public sense – including that of the post-war issuing of battlefield markers and death plaques. Whilst the material discussed in the previous section is related more to the public sphere, this type of material is more private and provides a different perspective in terms of the motivation behind commemoration and the manner in which it was set up. Furthermore, this type of commemoration is much more related to the immediate aftermath of the War.
Finally, I would like to consider what is perhaps the most obvious body of material – the war memorial - using the case studies of Essex and Cardiganshire.

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Teaching Experience

University of Liverpool

ALGY101 Methods of Archaeology (fieldtrip tutor)
ALGY245 Prehistoric Latin America
ALGY148/248 Prehistory of the British Isles
ALGY450 Dissertation (supervision of undergraduate dissertations)
LV200-2038/ALGY961 Introduction to South American Archaeology
ALGY978 Introduction to Theory, Methods and Practice in Archaeology (Introduction to Archaeology I)
ALGY979 Themes in World Archaeology (Introduction to Archaeology II)
ALGY998 Death and Burial in Prehistoric Britain  
ALGY9010 The Archaeology of Conflict
ALGY9033 Britain Before History (team taught)

University of Glasgow 
MLitt Battlefield and Conflict Archaeology (Guest Lecturer)