Professor Kathleen Meehan

  • Professor/ Programme Director (EEE), Glasgow College UESTC (Engineering - University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

telephone: +44 (0) 141 330 3777

Research interests

My research involves aspects of semiconductor physics, material science, optics, chemistry, and biology as well as my interest in determining optimal approaches to student learning and instructional techniques.

  • Synthesis and characterisation of nanoscale metal oxides
  • Defect engineering of semiconductor materials
  • Effect of plasmonic nanomaterials on radiative properties of wide bandgap semiconductors
  • Optical spectroscopy of biomaterials
  • Hands-on engineering pedagogy


Kathleen Meehan, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the UoG-UESTC joint educational programme in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Dr. Meehan received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering under the direction of Dr. Nick Holonyak, Jr. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she was the first to develop silicon-induced disordering in AlGaAs-GaAs.  After receiving her doctorate, Dr. Meehan joined Lytel, Inc. where she led several projects to develop high performance 1.3um optoelectronic devices.  In 1987, she joined Polaroid Corporation as the GaAs Processing Manager, later becoming Engineering Manager and then Senior Research Group Leader.  In 1995, Dr. Meehan joined Biocontrol Technology as an Optoelectronic Systems Engineer to support a noninvasive glucose detection scheme.  She has also launched two start-up companies.  She then moved into academia in 1997, working at the University of Denver, West Virginia University, and Virginia Tech before joining the University of Glasgow in 2013.  Shortly thereafter, Kathleen became the director of the UoG-UESTC Electronics and Electrical Engineering programme. 

Dr. Meehan has an extensive background in research on optoelectronics and nanomaterials including metal and semiconductor colloids.  Her most recent work in this area is on defect engineering of ceria nanoparticles.  She also has a strong interest in engineering pedagogy and has lead two major NSF proposals to develop online learning modules and hands-on experimentation with portable instrumentation. 

She received the W.S. ‘Pete’ White Award for Innovation in Engineering Education from the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech and was voted one of the top 10 ‘My Favorite Teachers’ by the students at UoG-UESTC and UESTC.  She has been PI or co-PI on awards totaling over $2.2 millions dollars and has received funding from NSF, DOE, and NASA.  She has authored or coauthored more than 40 refereed publications and conference proceedings and has three patents.  She became a Senior Member of the IEEE in 1999. 


I have demonstrated leadership in academia and industry.  I have expertise in the design, fabrication, and characterization of nanoscale and microscale materials, devices, and sensors for photonic and biomedical applications.


  • Senior Member, IEEE, 1999
  • ADI University Program Strategic Advocate (2012-present)
  • W.S. “Pete” White Innovation in Engineering Education
  • My Favorite Teacher at UESTC – Top 10

Selected publications


“SnGe Photoconductive Arrays for Mid-Infrared Detection”, $96,451, National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Grant, April 1, 1998-March 30, 1999, PI:  K. Meehan

"Acquisition of Instrumentation for Research on Component Failure Under High Temperature, Mechanical, and Environmental Stress", $300,000, Major Research Instrumentation Grant, PI:  M. Kumosa (originally, K. Meehan)

“Development of Cr2+-Doped II-VI Heterostructure Laser Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Room Temperature Infrared Applications”, $296,000, National Science Foundation, PI:  K. Meehan

“Interdisciplinary Research in Assay Testing Via Advancements in Chemistry Optical Biochips, and PCR Instrumentation”, $50,000, West Virginia University Research Foundation, Principal Investigator:  K. Meehan

“Planning Activity for Center for Identification Technology Research”, National Science Foundation, $10,000, PI:  L. Hornak

Research Capabilities Enhancement Mini-Grant, $1,000, NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium, PI:  K. Meehan

“Investigation of Bandgap Engineering Techniques to Obtain Long Wavelength Emission from InGaNAs Fabry-Perot Heterojunctions”, National Science Foundation, $307,531, PI:  D. Korakakis, co-PI: T. Myers and K. Meehan.

“Transition Metal-Doped ZnSe Mid-Infrared Emitter”, West Virginia Space Grant Consortium, $18,237, PI:  K. Meehan

“Study of SiC/Silicide/Si Heterostructures”, West Virginia Space Grant Consortium, $19,605, PI:  C. Stinespring.

“Development of Advanced Solid State Sensor Technology Base for Vision 21 Systems”, Department of Energy, $200,000, PI:  C. Stinespringco-PI: K. Meehan, Collaboration continued after resignation from WVU.  Issued as a subcontract to Virginia Tech for $70,033.

“West Virginia University Information Assurance Scholarship for Service Program”, DoD/NSA, $153,290, PI:  K. Meehan.

“Research Study to Support the Development of Robust, Field-Deployable Fluorescence-Based Biosensors”, $70,276, Research Challenge Grant Program (State of WV), PI:  K. Meehan

“Fabrication and Characterization of Surface-Enhanced Optode Films for Biosensor Applications”, $5,000, ECE Department Summer Mini Grant, PI:  K. Meehan

“Creating an ECE Curriculum Combining Theory with Experiments and Research”, NSF, $113,668, 15%, PI: R. Hendricks, co-PI: N. Davis, W. Baumann, K. Meehan.

“Microfluidic Biosensors for Environmental Monitoring”, EPA, $348,242, 10/1/03-9/30/06, 33%, PI: N. Love, co-PI: B. Love and K. Meehan.

“Integrated System Solutions Inspired byNanoscale Physical, Chemical, and Biological Phenomena”, ICTAS, level of funding has not been determined, 8/15/03-8/14/11, < 10%, PI:  L. Guido.

“CdSe-Based Nanoscale Heterostructure for Biological Sensing Applications”, Aspire, $89,455, 7/01/2004-06/30/2006, 100%, PI:  K. Meehan.

“Active Surface Plasmon Structures for Biosensing and Optical Computing Applications”, AdvanceVT, $20,000, 8/01/2004-7/31/2005, 100%, PI:  K. Meehan.

“Development of Multimedia Course Materials on Nanophotonics”, Virginia Microelectronics Consortium, $12,100, 100%, PI:  K. Meehan.

“Zeta Potential and Particle Size Measurements for Colloid and Interfacial Engineering”, State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SHEV), $51,831,  PI: R. Davis, co-PI:  E. Marand, J. Walz, and K. Meehan, 10/2006.

“Virginia Partnership for Nanotechnology Education and Workforce Development”, NSF PFI, $599,999, PI: L.J. Griffiths, senior research personnel: K. Meehan (one of many), George Mason University subcontract to Virginia Tech, $95,699, PI: K. Meehan (originally G. Scales), 2/1/2006-1/31/2009

“SBIR Phase II subcontract”, Luna Technologies, $100,000 PI: K. Meehan

“Engineered Nanoconstructs for Targeted Regulation of Intracellular Free Radical Concentration”, Virginia Tech Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science, $80,274, PI: K. Meehan, co-PI: R. Davis, J. Riffle, D. Cox, B. Rzigalinski, and M. Ehrich, 1/1/2006-12/31/2007.

“NSF Workshop on Nanoelectronics, Nanophotonics, and Plasmonics”, NSF, $61,340, PI:  K. Meehan, co-PI: Y. Xu, 9/1/2007-8/31/2008.

“Learning Technologies iPod Grant”, Virginia Tech, PI: K. Meehan, co-PI: R.W. Hendricks, $600, 12/2007.

Nanopharmaceutical Intervention in Alzheimer’s Disease”, Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine Harvey Peters Foundation, PI: B.A. Rzigalinski, VT subconract: K. Meehan, $24,000, 1/1/2008-12/31/2008.

“Research Infrastructure for Solarized Fuel Cell Power System Design and Characterization”, State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SHEV), $253,964, PI:  K. Meehan and J.S. Lai, co-PI: L. Guido, G.Q. Lu, R.M. Davis, and D. Nelson, 9/1/2007-6/30/2008.

“Sustainable Homes:  Solarized Fuel Cell Power Systems”, Virginia Tech Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science, PI:  K. Meehan, co-PI:  J.S. Lai, L. Guido, G.Q. Lu, R.M. Davis, and D. Nelson, $149,993.

“Lab-in-a-Box:  Development of Materials to Support Independent Experimentation on Concepts from Circuits and Electronics”, NSF, PI:  K. Meehan, co-PI: R.W. Hendricks, P. Doolittle, and R.L. Clark, Jr., $499,913, 8/15/2008-8/14/2012.

“Device Characterization with Parameter Extraction and Power Conditioning Circuit Design and Simulation”, NIST, PI: K. Meehan, co-PI:  J.S. Lai, $272,044, 8/10/2008-8/09/2011.

“Acquisition of a Confocal Raman/Atomic Force Microscope to Support Environmental Interface Research at Virginia Tech”, State Council for Higher Education in Virginia (SHEV), $403,933 PI: P. Vikesland, co-PI:  L. Marr, J. Novak, A. Dietrich, M. Edwards, J. Walz, W. Ducker, K. Meehan, Y. Xu, K. Lu, P. Dove, M. Hochella, and M. Schreiber, 9/4/2008-6/30/2009.

“STTR Phase I: Nanomaterial Constructs With Controllable Catalytic Activity: Topic MM-Subtopic SMS”, National Science Foundation, subcontract to:  K. Meehan, $45,000, 7/1/2009-6/30/2010.

“Field Verification of High-Penetration Levels of PV into Distribution Grid with Advanced Power Conditioning Systems”, DOE, PI: J-S Lai, co-PI:  K. Meehan, $3,206,108, 1/1/2010-12/31/2013.

“IGERT: Multi-Scale Transport in Environmental and Physiological Systems (multiSTEPS)”, NSF, PI:  M. Stremler, co-PI:  P. Vaslov, R. Davalos, I. Puri, and J. Kuhn, Senior Research Personnel includes K. Meehan.

“Collaborative Research: Center for Mobile Hands-on STEM”, NSF, PI:  K. Meehan, $162,174, 9/1/2012-8/31/2014, 100%.

“NSWC – Task Order 23 – AITV”, NSWC, PI: A. Wicks, co-PI: K. Meehan and J. Bird, $1,311,134, 9/4/2012-5/31/2012.


I have supervised:

2 Post-doctoral students

3 Ph.D students

15 M.S. students

Numerous undergraduate projects

I am interested in supervising new PhD projects in the following areas:

  • Synthesis and characterization of transition metal-doped wide bandgap nanomaterials
  • Characterisation of ionic diffusion in doped-metal oxide films
  • Modification of nanotoxicity via dopant incorporation
  • Environmental influence on defect concentration in metal oxide nanomaterials
  • Design and characterization of single-carrier optoelectronic devices

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