Dr Andres Alba Perez

  • Research Associate (Biomedical Engineering)

telephone: 01413306691
email: Andres.AlbaPerez@glasgow.ac.uk

Research interests

Management of research teams in the biomedical engineering field. 14+ years experience in university, SME and multinational company environments. I help plan and run the translational and impact goals of research teams, developing new research and knowledge exchange opportunities. Pathways to impact analysis, IPR strategy, relations with industry, building large project scientific teams, public engagement, entrepreneurship.

Background is materials science and engineering. Development of polymer scaffolds and coatings for Tissue Engineering applications. Polymer synthesis and blends, manufacturing of 3D structures for cell culture, low pressure plasma, spraying.

Currently at the MiMe Research Group (University of Glasgow) led by Prof Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez. The research focus at MiMe is on interactions between materials, proteins and cells to engineer and control cell behaviour and stem cell differentiation.